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WireITfree provides software support and development services for homes and home-based businesses. We offer a friendly, professional service based on sound technical skills and a high standard of customer care. We can help you with a wide range of software projects and can solve any software originated problems that you might be experiencing -
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Software updates

Over and above the basic Operating Systems (Windows: XP; VISTA; Windows 7 or Mac: OSX; Tiger; Leopard; Snow Leopard) which come with your computer, most computer users have access to a standard range of Office Software (Word, Excel, Access, etc.) You may also have software associated with your job, your hobbies, your photographs, etc.

It is essential that you keep your software up to date, not only so that you can benefit from more advanced features (such as a wider range of formats in Word) but also to ensure that your software can cope with other innovations (such as current audio and video formats). We can help you load new editions safely and efficiently and make sure that there is no conflict with other existing software programs.

Security software

You should have up-to-date security software on each computer in your home. Any computer that connects to the Internet or on which external media (e.g. memory sticks, external hard drives) are used should be protected. WireITfree can make sure that your security software is up to date, robust and fit for purpose, not clashing with other programs and correctly installed so as not to impede your access to Internet sites. Let us help you keep your computer safe and running efficiently.

Health checks

Don't wait until you have a problem with your software - let us do a regular 'health check' on your computer (every six months is recommended) -
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to find out more.

Parental control software

Another kind of 'security' software is that providing parental control over children's use of the Internet. It is essential that parental control software is present on family computers. It enables parents to use a range of precautions to keep children safe and sound. For example, the software can filter Internet access and also prevent children divulging personal details to on-line strangers. Ask WireITfree for help with this.

Small business software

If you are setting up a business from home, contact WireITfree for software (and hardware) support and check out Software Services for Businesses.

Database design

Why not get organised? Ask WireITfree to create a tailor-made database for you and your family. Just decide on what facts and figures you need to record. We can then provide you with a simple system that will provide you with all the reports you need.

If you run a business from your home or you are involved in organising local events or activities, consider how much more efficient and versatile you could be with more appropriate, up to date software, adapted for your specific needs if required.

Website design & Web hosting

For hobbies, local interest or family fun – ask WireITfree to help you design and construct your own website. We can ‘host’ your website too – contact us for more information.

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Software CD


A virus may 'infect' any computer that is connected to a network or on which external storage media, such as memory sticks, are used.

A virus may: corrupt data; introduce unwanted Internet sites; use up valuable capacity; prevent or slow down initial startup.

WireITfree can provide you with professional help to ensure your computer gets thoroughly 'cleaned'. You will see the difference in performance at once!

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