Networking Services for Businesses

WireITfree provides expert network installation and support. We install wired (LAN) and wireless (WLAN) Local Area Networks in a wide range of business environments. We offer a professional service based on a high level of technical skills and a commitment to excellent customer care. We conduct our work in your business premises or home office at your convenience and with respect and minimum disruption. Evening and weekend services are available at no additional charge.

Whether in the home or office environment, you will find that there are many advantages to having an efficient and robust network installed. The flexibility and potential for sharing resources are great. WireITfree supplies skilled installation and/or maintenance services for both wired and wireless networks. Businesses often opt for a 'mixed mode' network which combines the advantages of a fixed cable connection with the valuable flexibility of a wireless network. Whatever the size or configuration of your network, WireITfree will ensure that it is fully encrypted and available to only authorised users.

After installation, we ask you to test the system to ensure that it works for you as well as for us! We make sure that you are fully aware of the potential uses of the network facilities and that you have all the information you need to use the system with confidence. Contact WireITfree to find out more.

WireITfree also offers a complete package, including the purchase of appropriate equipment. We are happy to install equipment that you have bought yourself, providing it is appropriate for your needs and environment.

Wireless technology - advantages for you

  • Simultaneous high-speed access to the Internet
  • No more cable clutter or potential hazards
  • Complete flexibility within the working environment
  • Realise the true freedom and mobility of laptops
  • Improve file and printer sharing facilities
  • Make efficient use of current technology & be ready for future innovations

Virtual private network

WireITfree will install and configure a VPN for you. This facility enables you to make use of the public Internet whilst keeping your data encrypted and completely private. This is particularly useful for teams with members in multiple locations such as home/office environments. VPN facilitates secure remote access to company data. Contact WireITfree for more information.

Network Attached Storage

NAS is an essential feature of modern networking. It is a device that is dedicated to file storage and file sharing within a network. Let us set you up with a NAS server so you no longer have concerns about overloading any of the machines on your network or losing data from vulnerable PCs.


Wireless technology facilitates the sharing of printers between all the computers in your office. The printer itself can be made wireless with an additional wireless device or it can function within the network by remaining attached to a single computer. It all depends on your own needs and preference.

Secure data storage

Every business needs to be absolutely confident that its data are safe and secure whilst remaining readily accessible. To find out more about secure data storage - click here to find out more.

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WireITfree Broadband

WireITfree will help you set up and configure your Broadband service.

For those looking to improve their existing Broadband service, WireITfree is an ISP (Internet Service Provider).

We offer an impressive fast and reliable service. With competitive pricing and an excellent UK based call centre service, WireITfree provides a high class, high speed Broadband service.

Click here to find out more

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Internet phone calls

Reduce your telephone bills and make your phone system more efficient and flexible.

To find out how a VoIP system can save you time and money – click here.

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